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10km Run at Rotterdam Marathon 2013

Beer!Ran a 10km run at the Rotterdam marathon with my dad and my friends today. We drove to Rotterdam in the Morning. We were well on time and as the real marathon started 15 minutes earlier, we had time enough to watch Lee Towers sing ‘You never walk alone’ (Youtube). We then headed out and were allowed to start right in front. We ran 15km in Rotterdam last December but today’s run was very special. The start was so cheerful I had goosebumps from it!

The race was well organized and I enjoyed the people cheering from the sides. See track here: Google maps. The temperature was a bit on the high side but that was ok. We started in front with the fast runners and I got a bit carried away with that so when runkeeper gave me my averages at 2km I realized I was running too fast. I slowed down a bit until I reached the final two kilometers. Generally I really enjoyed the scenery and the Rotterdam vibe. At the last kilometers, I was able to speed up again and really went for ‘empty’ in the last meters. It was at the finish that I both lost my breath and at the same time bumped into Paul Koole who I didn’t see ever since both of us worked in Shanghai. He had subscribed for the NY marathon last year which was cancelled due to Sandy. It was nice chatting with him again. Then I got a call from my friends Bart and Michiel. They actually pointed out this marathon to me a month ago so we had to meet up at the finish! They ran a nice time so we celebrated, together with my dad at Blaak with a view on Rotterdam in the first spring sun. A great start of the running season!