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To live in Barcelona; The English, the immigrants and hospitality

People who are born in Barcelona, probably die here as well. it is common to see entire families centered around the same neighborhood. This importance of family and the feeling of threat from the rapid increasing number of immigrants make some locals unable to understand and accept the increasingly number of foreigners that are coming to this city. Don’t look surprised if you don’t get any (decent) service in a store if you just talk English. My experiences of over pricing and bad service where although solemnly with the elder local people.

This got me to ask a younger local what he thought to be a possible cause for my experiences. He told me that the root of the anger lies with the number of bachelor-parties given by the English. :-)

Barcelona offers the Mediterranean beach, a good climate and the convenience of the city in a radius of 4 km, not so strange that there are over 1200 people from the Netherlands living in this city. As an outsider, it seems difficult to really get to know the local people. I am wondering how the other people from my country are experiencing this.

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