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cycling up Tibidabo Barcelona with my mountainbike

I made a small climb up to Tibidabo with my bike this morning, I wanted to see the beautiful cathedral that I can see from my window every day: Iglesia de Sagrat Cor. My short bike trip lasted longer than I expected when I left! At ten o clock I reached a dead end, and I had to go back down. I kept reminding to myself that it was useless to buy a map for such situations. So I went down to Barcelona again and kept repeating “no it is useless! I have small maps at home, google earth etc.” And tried again; The mountain is obviously present, wherever you are in Barcelona. and i could point out which hills which roads I should take. So I attempted a second try. At about 11 o’clock I realized that the road I point out wasn’t connected to the one I was driving on. and the road that I was driving on was going down again…
This was the obvious result of my blind approach, and I got frustrated by riding up and down all the time. I approached a farmer, (and i kindly pointed in the direction of my desired road) and asked him how to get up to the right track. He told me that I should get back down and he was laughing that there was a spot where the desired road came close to the road I was driving on. “Since there was a path on the hill, I could climb up!” That sounded reasonable! why not? I can climb! The roles has changed: I had to carry my bike for once. Halfway I got stuck in needle bushes and stuff, but I managed to get up the road. Tibidabo is pretty touristic, but the view on Barcelona is quite impressive.