in Republic of Korea

A Story About a Korean Baseball

A colleague visited a baseball game in Seoul, Korea in 1995. During match break time, a legendary LG Twins player signed a baseball and hit it into the crowd. What were
the odds of my Dutch colleague to catch that very ball? He took it back to Holland and kept it proudly at his house, not knowing who that player was. Until one day 18 years later, the colleague mentions this very story to me and we both became curious. The next day, he brought the ball to our office and we were staring deeply at the autograph to decipher the origin, but we gave up after some time. Then we decided to take a picture and put it on Facebook. A few hours later, people (Mostly Korean men) found out that the player was 김재현! In fact, the discovering commenters was bright enough to notice that we had actually been holding the ball upside down! So far for our own search but again solved thanks to the power of social media… The mystery is solved for now but now the next question is, what is the ball worth?