in Republic of Korea

Anniversary in Jeonju

20131018-170906.jpgWe are in Korea. Spent our wedding anniversary in the old town of Jeonju, South Korea. Just look at the picture above, straight from the movies isn’t it? We stayed the night at that very house, in fact the oldest house of the town called Hakindang.

Hakindang is a graceful upper class home from the Joseon-era converted to a guest house in Jeonju, built in 1905, has an interesting history and is one of the oldest in the village.

Hakindang is where Baek Nak Jung, a well-known devoted son, once lived. King Gojong granted him a government position out of admiration for his filial piety.

Hakindang is a Korean-style house typical of the construction techniques from the
late Joseon period. The building is also a typical example of court construction style introduced into the upper class housing after the Joseon Dynasty collapsed.

from wikimapia.

As I was listening to the China History podcast, I started to get curious about Korean history too. Spending the night at Hakindang, we really enjoyed the local customs and historic culture. For breakfast we had the following:
20131018-172439.jpgThe whole town with it’s hanok roofs (those pointy asian style roofs) was actually very romantic. No wonder the last royal blood from Korea, (would be prince) Lee suk decided to move here. Even the coffeeshops which had a terrace with this nice weather, have hanok roofs:




During the day we visited the kyonggijun garden, which was visited by the first king of the Chosun kingdom. A lot of Korean treasures have been destroyed during the occupation but the kyonggijun had safeguarded a lot, including the transcripts of the king’s activities. For dinner we had dokkalbi and we drank moju, both of which were a new experience for me. Then we went back to our house, Hakindang. While the day was warm, the nights get cold here in the Korean fall. The paper walls got me worried for a minute but the room was actually quite warm. We slept traditional style on the heated floor.

20131018-172950.jpgIt’s becoming a tradition to visit a town during anniversary, although this experience was very different from the luxury we enjoyed at that joyful day at sheshan in the P.R.C but certainly a romantic and special experience.