At Sanoma Kids & Teens; a Scrum update



I made a move within Sanoma from Comparison to the ‘Kids & Teens‘ cluster at the start of the year, and am surrounded with Disney characters ever since! This cluster has a solid foundation, based on traditional publishing since 1951. (the year the first donalduck magazine was published), and is expanding through digital business models currently.

Finishing a title called ‘’ (more on this in a month or so), a touch typing course at (Polish version coming soon!) and maintain various content and e-commerce sites like, and

We setup a development team working scrum at the start of the year. Three months in, to raise awareness throughout the cluster, we’ve organized a day-long scrum training with Zilverline yesterday. We started with a basic explanation about Agile and Scrum and zilverline introduced a number of fun activities to get the message across. According to at least a few participants, the day was a success. I can recommend Zilverline highly!

Not only did we explain scrum in practice, we found new energy to improve our working processes further. I heard that the New York Times is already create their newspapers with Scrum, I’m curious what we can do for the cluster in the coming time!

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