in People's Republic of China

At training of Shanghai formule 1 2012

20120413-022824 PM.jpg20120413-022834 PM.jpgJust like last year, I went to the training session of Shanghai formula one. Together with Marc, Grace, Scott Elaine and first timer Suna. We watched the formula one training and saw all the legends race on the foggy, rainy track including Vettel, Alonso and Schumacher. But of-course we were there foremost to see the Porsche asia cup training afterwards. 20120413-022843 PM.jpgUnitedstyles colleague and promising racer Alexandre Imperatori (won 8 of 10 races of this cup last year) and team mate dutch/Chinese racer Ho-Pin Tung (formally reserve racer for renault formula one and making his debut in Asia) It was a very interesting training to see, apparently they were not allowed to change tires, and some cars slide of track. Alexandre became third and Ho-pin seventh after an off track slide. After the race Alex and Marc met up in front of the track, so Suna now had a picture with them (below). Now back to office for rest of afternoon, its promising to be an exciting weekend for the racers. A very nice experience!

20120413-022858 PM.jpg20120413-022925 PM.jpg