At work: Launched Duckworld



Really proud! After an adventurous development phase in cooperation with The Walt Disney Company, the Kids & Teens editorial team & marketing team has launched DuckWorld;

It was really fun (and special) to be able to cooperate directly with the editors of the Dutch Donald duck magazine on these titles. Even more fun to see the game featured on TV, the magazine etc and watching the traffic grow at the moment.

TV advertisement


Unity editor, from image mapping to object in a 3d world

Unity editor, from image mapping to object in a 3d world


Whilst I did see casual game development up close at Spilgames and 3D modelling at unitedstyles, I never experienced the creation of an actual 3d World up close. Wat I learned is that it takes a lot of expertise from a broad range of (hard working) experts to create such a game.

There is a game director who is in charge of the story, artwork creators and animators. Finally there are developers who create the game logic and movements and arrange the network and database stuff.



Product demo (scrum) with the dev team

We ran the process using Scrum, iterating the world until it was complete enough for release. We then started performance testing and optimizing the systems.  I’m happy that we worked scrum as the basic idea behind Duckworld evolved as well.

We developed the game in Unity3D; We used unity because of portability to other devices and operating systems. Right now we are available in desktop only.


Marketing has started, coverage in news, tv spots etc


Now we have launched, the game is appearing everywhere. On It’s great to see it on tv, read about it in newspapers and see activity on twitter. Looking forward to expanding the world soon; Readers of this blog get a 10% coupon for the month of September using the following code: joopin during checkout on

Youtube review by ‘Lord Hudson’:

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