in The Netherlands

Bruggenloop Rotterdam

20121209-212630.jpgToday we ran the bruggenloop in Rotterdam. The run, a humble 15 km but with nice views on the skyline of Rotterdam, with about 5000 participants had a good vibe even though it was windy, 4 degrees C and rainy! The days running in warm Asia seem long gone… Anyway, we came in at the Feyenoord stadium 1 hr early, the christmas themed warmup suddenly turned to Suna be20121209-212650.jpging interviewed by local television. She managed to suppress giggling while explaining the interviewer that she came from south korea especially for the event. At the second “really?” she has to oblige. It was very funny to see. Quickly after, we were ready to run! 20121209-214202.jpgThe run itself was a round from the stadium to the Erasmus bridge, which for me was the best part, it’s not often that you can walk over there! Then we continued 7km along the maas and then to the van Brienennoord bridge. I tried to walk calmly until the last three kilometers. I finished the 15km in 1hr 15m, exactly what i was aiming for today! Now i had enough of running, let the holiday season come!