Buying a christmas tree in Shanghai (howto)


treeTo get into the holiday spirit, we’ve ordered a tree from A tip from Marc.

Whilst the trees are mentioned to cost about 200 RMB, a lady called Camille followed up on my order and notified me that they exclude the costs made for delivery. I’ve agreed on a price of 400 RMB, which is about 40 euro’s, which is still about half the costs for a similar (delivered) tree in Amsterdam. Are we happy? Yes. The tree was much bigger then we expected (I’ve intentionally left included the door on the picture to give you an impression), but for that price, I was hoping for a tree like this. The tree came in a pot, but turned out not to have a root so we think it will start losing nails very quickly. All and all, the price was reasonable, it’s great to have a tree in the house, I especially like the forest-smell. At least we have a place to stash all our christmas gifts this year. Oh, decorations were not included :-) Happy christmas everybody!

Available sizes Price ex transport
80 – 150 cm 180 RMB *told to be sold out
150 – 200 cm 350 RMB *My tree is about 2 meters
200 – 250 cm 450 RMB
250 – 300 cm 600 RMB
300 – 350 cm 800 RMB

One thought on “Buying a christmas tree in Shanghai (howto)

  1. Samuel dufay

    Hi joop,

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for this new year.

    I hope everything is ok for Suna and you in Shanghai. I can see that you got lot of presents …
    The teddy bear was for you or Suna? LOL

    I’m freshly back from Côte d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast, and I got my Master degree a month ago. Then, surfing on the web, I was interested on your christmas topic : I’m currently setting up a web site to sell on-line decoration products.
    Vases, Artificial flowers, glass-work, etc…
    Basically, it’s following the activity of my parents (a flower shop) with the objective to separate the on-line and the off-line activity within a year. (Following the business plan)
    So, suddenly, I’m looking for advices, examples, and «howto»… setting up a commercial web site, taking pictures, fixing banks / carriers / providers, and trying to see how to adapt myself to this strange animal called «Internet User».
    It’s a full program !

    Expecting launching of the web site on February…
    You can guess that I’ve many wishes this year !-)

    Take care,


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