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Working on sunday

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Well not really, just sitting here watching the fall winter 2011 shoot. Also had a nice lunch with the japanese.

We’re at Moscow Airport (pics)

Aeroflot airplane was quite new, even internet for ‘cattle class’… New for me was the camera in the nose of the plane, cool too watch with takeoff and landings.

Today we fly from Shanghai to Amsterdam with Aeroflot. They are the cheap but are they decent? Aeroflot has a name to build up after newspapers reported that some pilots were flying drunk. Dont’ know about the pilot’s experience and mind but the planes look brand new and we enjoyed their great service.

Arriving in Moscow has been snowing a lot here.

This could have been solved with a TV overview / investment.

In Russia, you can still smoke in the airport lobby!

We drank this Russian wodka while waiting for the transfer

Present from Chieko

We received a gift from Chieko yesterday, she is a Japanese friend we know for a long time. She was invited to our wedding but was too busy at the time. Instead she offered us a dinner at the time. So yesterday was the day and we went to a greek restaurant at Hongmei road. We thought the food was great and we ate a lot. I was full! Then she asked: are you full? So we replied YES very. But it turns out she was asking because her present was soon arriving, a really nice desert with ‘happy wedding joop ♥ suna’ written on the plate. At first I didn’t realize what she ment with ‘are you full’? but when this desert came we couldn’t resist. Afterwards we went to the Cuban bar together and drank mojito’s and caprinia’s. The Cuban bar is: Businessmen from the hilton, Reggaeton, sigars and rum.

Thanks Chieko!


Demolished in a day


My hairdresser of choice. Yesterday they were still in business. I should have went the day before.

Having a dutch lunch with @reportfromchina (pic)

Bert is reporting for Dutch and Belgium newspapers and is working hard on his soon to be released book.

It’s November and still we can have lunch outside on the terrace. Photo taken at HongMei lu, Bastiaan bakery.