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Chinese cooking workshop

Shanghai’s dining culture is great but tonight we did something else and went to a Chinese cooking class, indulging ourselves with Chinese dishes made by ourselves, thought by a Chinese chef. We choose a set of dished before while booking the evening, set our minds to dim-sum and ‘westernized’ dishes. We picked those to make it easy and easy to replicate in the future, so nothing fancy! Surprisingly enough, the whole evening you are cooking and eating at the same time. It’s a nice group activity. Get your hands dirty, work hard and enjoy the results together. But for a cooking workshop it’s hard to keep track! Honestly, the there are only a few techniques I remember after tonight. However, with the recipe and the ‘feeling’ i’m sure I can put it together again some day. It’s nice to know some Chinese finishing ‘touches’. I’ve made Xiao long bao, fried noodles and deep fried egg plant together with Suna. Hope this will bring variation to our Korean/Dutch kitchen in the future. More information on, cost 150 RMB.

The cooking table, still untouched

Spices and cucumber and a sharp knife

Shao Long Bao, actually made some of those myself!

Suna is good with knifes