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Chongming Dongtan Birds Nature Reserve

We got up early today to visit Chongming, an island north of Shanghai. Whilst Shanghai’s urban area’s never seem to seize, the wide Huang Po river created a natural barrier, leaving the high rises on the other side of the water, creating a eco-aware island with huge natural parks. Unlike Last year’s visit in June, today’s weather took a turn for the worse. It was cold, foggy and it rained a lot, but we couldn’t resist the outdoors on this day outside the office. Todays destination was the Chongming Dongtan Birds Nature Reserve 崇明东滩鸟类自然保护区. An 13 acre wetland on the east side with the extraordinary amount of millions of birds on their way to the far south of Australia during the fall and spring season. The park build bird watching towers and other facilities, like a earthquake measurement tower. We decided to leave the bike rental for what it was and hike around the park. This took us about three hours. There are many paths to take of which most are timber covered bridges over the soaky waters.

We decided to bring or own supplies which was a good bet. Not many restaurants to find besides one restaurant/coffee house. We had a little picnic with Kimbab (김밥), strawberries and a salad.
We continued walking and realized we were about the only guests, with long roads of vast emptiness. At first we kept on talking and making noises, as the city made us used to sounds day and night. (yep, still fireworks in SH!) However, after a while we just enjoyed the silence, enough to take the journey to Shanghai again.