Company outing with Dr. Panda at BaiHuaTan



The Dr. Panda team keeps growing so it was time to do some activities together. Last Saturday we gathered at the Baihuatan park.

We started with a nice barbecue. It was a ‘xiaokao’ barbeque where you could get all the food you wanted from a nearby freezer, and could prepare it yourself. We ate way more then we planned to but it was fun. Once established, the team could pick what they wanted to do themselves.

Some went cycling, others turned to the Mahjong tables, to laser-gaming. I started with cycling but the busy roads felt dangerous. (some cycled for the first time) so we turned inwards at an unintended horsetrail. It was fun getting offroad and exploring the neighborhood. After which we had some beers in the sun whilst playing a game. After an hour or so, we went for lasergaming.

After a packed afternoon, we still had one more activity and that was an amazing buffet at the Sofitel. I liked the grill but some just jumped when the saw the deserts. A great day!



2 thoughts on “Company outing with Dr. Panda at BaiHuaTan

  1. Fabrizio

    I was just visiting Sanoma’s 4th floor (which now it desert) and the whole old team came to my mind. That’s how I ended up here. I see relocation went great and you are already a real Chinese.
    Good luck, Joop :)

    • Joop


      I was at Sanoma just yesterday! I didn’t see you though :D Nice that you thought of me and keep in touch!

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