Creating psychedelic art with deep dream


A few days ago, Google released a Python Notebook to let you play with their very recent work on visualization with neural networks, turning buildings into acid trips and landscapes into Magic Eye pictures. They published their code publicly for everyone to play with.

After I found a docker image I was able to play with the notebook. Holy cow! I put a picture of me with my daughter that transformed us to someones nightmare in a few minutes; eyes popped up everywhere and I started seeing people behind us. So I moved on to objects and buildings; here is a picture of my office. (clickable)



On the left you see the regular picture, next to that you can see the image which had a 7 time inception with the neural network which creates a lot of artifacts, just look what is haning on the roof; On the right an artists approach can be seen where a zoom is applied on the regular image.

After that I played with pictures of clouds and natural items; I found that the engine really goes wild with trees. Checkout this picture I took in Korea:


Ok that’s enough trippy pictures for one evening; If you are interested how it works, read at this google blogpost.




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