in People's Republic of China

Day at the beach in Jinshan

We swam in the East Chinese sea today, something I didn’t expect to do this summer. Rather spontaneous we decided to hit the beach of Jinshan. I’m telling you, nothing like a fake beach with screaming Chinese kids to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Now, nothing bad about the beach. We had a great day. Found this tip on ChinaTravel. Here’s what they had to say: “With golden sand imported from Hainan Island, a powerful water filtration system that turns the sea a surprisingly appealing shade of blue, and even a light sea breeze, it certainly beats sweating it out in the city.” In my humble opinion, I found It’s not too crowded, and the facilities are pretty good. There is stadium for beach volley (could watch a match), quad for racing on the beach and jet skis for rent out in the open. Didn’t do any of that as we came for the 1km long beach. It’s nice to be in the water especially when it’s so hot outside. Last week at the Mandarin city, the water was simply too hot to really cooldown, so today had a better experience.
 Oh, the food was ok… I was craving for fries but we went for rice and BBQ instead. Not bad at all in the end. We noticed that safety is quite tight as there is a lifeguard on both sides want on the beach and one of about 20 m into the water, aligned each 10 m from each other. Chinese that cannot swim have inflatable tubes to float around. I thought it was a bit extreme because besides all this protection, I figured you can actually stand everywhere if you are 1 meter 60. Thing I noticed is, that contrary to Koreans, there are a lot of Chinese that like to tan on the beach. In the end, I noticed that people around the world all spent their summer day in the water the same. Running in the water, kids building castles and catching crabs, joyful times.