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Disturbed by phone use around me, trying to put mine away

a basket with a note 'Be with the friends who are here' as taken from Reddit, the topic raised a lot of questions about our mobile use at dinners and parties.We are left with a society pulling out phone’s all the time, and of-course we know that it’s changing lives and behavior. Seeing kids play their games on their parents iPads in restaurants, I wonder how they will look at their technology.
Picture a family dinner table discussion, a word is forgotten… Just a few years ago, each one at the table would start thinking really hard until one person remembered, and shouts it out, sometimes a few minutes later. Do you know that feeling? Today, usually someone grabs their shiny phone and start searching online. You can’t deny that a smartphone brings convenience – instant intelligence if you will – but isn’t this back-of-mind digging good for firing up the weakening neurons in our brains? (Let alone that conversations usually turn to that brand of smartphone at this point) I believe that remembering, let alone having a good conversation needs time away from the smartphone. This post derives from an event we had during a circus visit. While I have no opinion yet how to raise a child, I found something somewhat troubling: I’m talking about the parents who got into a conversation while waiting for the circus-show to start and handing their daughter a white iPhone. The girl started playing Angry birds. Soon a spectacular circus show started, but the little girl didn’t raise her head… for the entire evening. I started feeling very sorry for her generation there is a lot more out there then slinging a few birds on an iPhone. She is missing out! After that occurrence I start noticing it on flights and in restaurants; kids looking only to phones, missing out on the world and conversation. I started wondering how they look at these gadgets, I can imagine that at one point the novelty and coolness factor will disappear. Perhaps even a new subculture will start to exist that makes a point out of putting their phone technology down. Perhaps they might be praising the art of conversation and living in the moment. Disclaimer: I’m actually one of those heavy phone users. You know, the guy with the phone at the dinner-table but i’m starting to question my addiction.