Do you think Korea is a good option?


From time to time I get approached by people that are planning to move to Korea. Usually expats making a move and asking about the life there, but recently a person approached me saying:

“I find Japan too expensive and China too risky, do you think Korea is a good option?” I found this an interesting consideration and I wouldn’t choose the country to live in like this.

Be aware that moving to Korea will almost certainly:

  • Expect you to work overtime daily as Koreans work a lot of hours. Some really can’t handle this, collegues are like family, you spend time at home almost only for sleeping.
  • If you aren’t a specialist in a field and you don’t speak the language, there isn’t much you can do except being a English teacher in a competitive market. You have most chance if you are a certified native English speaker.
  • For some it can be very hard to obtain a visa. For example, US residents now need to supply a FBI criminal background check.

I suggest that before you consider a country, you make sure that you can apply for a job immediatelly. Otherwise start studying there first so you can build your network and then do a quick visa run to change your visa status.

Don’t let these reasons let you down though, if you want something in life, go for it!

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