in The Netherlands

Electric Vehicle road trip to Austria

We have just completed our first road trip with our Electric Vehicle. We drove 4000km through The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. For the first 100km, I relied on the car’s build-in navigation but found it wasn’t good for road trips. Bad navigation (we almost missed an exit) and no idea where to charge. I fell back to Android Auto with ‘ABRP’ installed and this was good.

This (non sponsored) post is a praise of ABRP – A Better RoutePlanner. It’s provides navigation for EV vehicles by offering some neat features. The app gives your clear instructions on where to charge and for how long by looking things like:

  • Your car battery stats (through an ODB2 dongle)
  • The weather (temperature influences range and charging speeds)
  • Your charging cards (beta feature)

As this was our first trip, I set it up to safe values. e.g. I want to be at the next charging point latest when the battery was 30% (leaving ~70km range) and I want to arrive to my final destination with 50% battery. This caused a few more charging stops – causing a ~15 minute break at 1.5hr intervals.

The journey went smooth. Next road trip I will probably set some more aggressive values as I had no trouble charging the car. ABRP also took me to some nice charging stations, located at supermarkets or fast food restaurants. Many people asked how the journey was and I would say it was doable, thanks to the app mentioned above.

However, there are some downsides: We wanted to go to Hungary but decided against it due to seeing only a few EV charging stations over there. Note that most of Western and Northern Europe is well covered in 2022. I’m sure we’ll visit Hungary one day. Another is that not everyone is used to EV charging stations. For example, this Ford Ranger probably oversaw the charging station: