in People's Republic of China

Feeling of spring this weekend

Right after Lunar New Year Spring Festival (also called spring festival), the temperatures noticeably rose to a confortable 16 degrees C˙ in Shanghai. We both felt we couldn’t stay in so we decided to go to the park. We went to ZhongShan Park. Zhongshan Park was established in 1914 by the Shanghai Municipal Council as “Jessfield Park”. Before then it was a private garden owned by H Fogg, a British property developer. It’s huge and very calm, even though it’s in the middle of the city. We watched people camp out on the field, some foreigners enjoying wine and bread, Chinese people playing with their kite’s, and a lot of kids running around.
Later, we went to Taikang road (arts and crafts enclave) where we enjoyed some coffee at a Japanese restaurant. (café Dan) Interesting concept, you choose your coffee by the country, I picked a coffee from Papua New Guinea, and Suna got one from Kenia, then they roast it, and bring it to your table. The smell of the roasting was something to get used to but it’s very nice to see the process. We sat in the spring sun, Suna was improving her sketches and I took some time to read my book.
We had friends come over and we prepared ‘Raclette‘ for them. Even though we got a hint of the warmer, longer days to come, we like to pretend it’s still mid-winter.