Apartment in Shanghai


My apartment

The hotel was nice to stay for a week, but it’s still a hotel. I found a decent place to live, close to my office, and I am moving in this Wednesday. While settled down in a comfortable place, I am prepared to dedicate myself to my job to the fullest. Good times!

7 thoughts on “Apartment in Shanghai

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  3. Anonymous

    Hey Joop! Good sharing! Take some photos and post it here when you move in.

    How big it is and how much does it cost? When I just arrived shanghai a year ago I only had three days to look for an apartment. It is okay to live in but not up to my expectation for sure and it is not so cheap either. Was thinking about moving and still do, just that it is too troublesome to move so now I just get lazy with it…

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    Hi Lawrence, thanks for the link to your article, It’s really great that you took the trouble of going through it step by step and shared it with the world.

    PS: i like the iTunes pillows etc. do you ship to Europe?

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