in Japan

First impressions of Osaka, Japan

  1. Small coke is actually a small coke
  2. Grannies play Mario Kart and are actually good at it.
  3. Where are the garbage cans? Am I supposed to hold my trash all day?


The luminous tubes in the picture are the number one icon of Osaka. The running man in the middle has been a famous landmark of Osaka since its initial construction in 1919. It bears the Glico running man on a blue race track as well as some of Osaka’s other famous landmarks in the background.


The Shinsekai tower is one of the city icons of Osaka Japan. Total height is 103 m, the main observation deck (behind the star) is at a height of 91 m. Actually, this is the second tower to occupy the site. The original tower was build in 1912 bus was melted down for war material in the second world war, as the tower could be a reference point for American bombing raids on Osaka.