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There seems to be treasure all around us! Well sort of. Try geocaching! Geocachers seek out treasures called ‘geocaches’ hidden by other players around the world. Players use GPS to track down these geocaches, usually small containers with a paper logbook inside allowing the players to mark their find. In the Netherlands there are over 50.000, covering most of the country. I looked up our home address and found one 500 meters away, so we checked it out. Using the little GPS map in the iPhone app, we reached the destination. We searched for a few minutes and suddenly we noticed a small water pipe at a tree root. We found that we could detach a part and we unscrewed the lid to find the geocache inside. A perfect hiding location! We went over the logbook notes and saw that this geocache is visited almost daily, with visitors as far as Germany. Finding these geocaches matches our walking habit quite nicely, the geocaches in the city are sometimes very nicely kept!