Gokohai Shabu Shabu


I’d like to tell you about a Japanese hotpot restaurant in Shanghai called Gokohai. While Gokohai seems like just another ‘all you can eat’ location in Shanghai, it has been a red wire through our life here in Shanghai. First time we visited, about one year ago I was invited by a colleague. We came there for the reason to eat as much as we could. (how romantic), he, in his terms went there before to over-eat with his hardworking bikepolo friends.

No one leaves unsatisfied with YY5 Asahi draft beers and YY88 gets you a ticket to unlimited beef piled in mountainous form. Besides the food, you eat in private in your personal room (tatami) The taste and the service was so good that we kept on coming back.

It wasn’t the first Shabu Shabu restaurant I have visited. In contrary, in the past years I have build up quite a list of favorite Shabu Shabu restaurants. But this particular one is different. Not only did we not get kicked out at closing time, the waitress kept being friendly every time we visit. When my family or friends come by, we couldn’t resist taking them to this place. And each of them enjoyed it too the max.

Now we got to the point that the waitress recognizes us (actually, mostly because of our Japanese friend) and gives us splendid treatment. Last time it was my birthday and we were overloaded with presents. We received free wine, fish and gifts so i almost feel obliged to keep on coming and write this post of praise. Hah.

  • Look at me, so stoked with my birthday presents
  • Gokohai
    Address: 1720 Huaihai Zhong Lu,
    淮海中路1720号 Vicinity: French Concession Directions: near Wuxing Lu
    近吴兴路 Contact:
    Open: 12pm-2pm, 5pm-12am Price: Y100-Y199

    There are more locations including Gubei road etc.

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