in People's Republic of China

Halloween 2009

PA310371Americans celebrate Halloween. I don’t understand what it is about, or what one is supposed to do. Being an outsider, I was surprised to learn that the spooky American tradition is known and celebrated throughout the International community in Shanghai as well. It’s bit different as:

  1. Ringing the doors of our Chinese neighbors for trick-or-treating probably isn’t appreciated.
  2. Costumes are hard to get by, so you have to be creative
  3. Commercially exploited festivals are a bit shallow anyway

PA310373Instead of going to the Barbie halloween party, or the disco parties, we watched a movie with some Pizza’s with some friends. Our friends really put out a lot of effort, next to pizza’s, decoration and a projector, they found a very scary movie to fit the Halloween theme. We watched Paranormal Activity, a recommendation, for us inspiration to share more scary stories throughout the night. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching. After a while, we went to the Shelter (club with one of the worst air quality in Shanghai, but lot’s of people in costumes) I didn’t like the air, CNN Go reviewed as follows “Imagine your grandmother’s basement three months after a summer flood. Now triple that. And throw in a dead pet.”Kuche Kuche. Happy halloween everybody!