Happy New Year! My highlights of 2013



The past year I was able to focus on work but managed to travel a little bit as well.

At Sanoma Performance Based I was involved with the launch of a new site called leef.nl, an online medical store which supports prescriptions for hundreds of pharmacies throughout the Netherlands. Immediately after launch we found that the site wasn’t performing so well, so using technologies like CDN and Redis, we managed to turn this project into a well performing website. During the summer we started a project called Kieskeurig.nl international. In which we took the famous Dutch product comparison concept, rebuild a lot of the architecture and the first international versions, the Polish (Expertcen.pl) and French (expertprix.fr) were launched  in the fall. Next to internationalisation, we also released a mobile friendly version of kieskeurig.nl. I’ve been promoted to an IT manager, a challenging position in a fast growing cluster. At the company, we had a lot of fun activities like go-cart racing and dinners together.

Besides work I did have some time to keep on studying Korean. My goal to talk with my mother in law was achieved, as I was able to have (small) conversations with her in Korean. I still have a long way to go though but the Korean classes are helping.

I’ve ran the 10km run during the Rotterdam marathon and the bruggenloop in Rotterdam.

While traveling, I visited China (trip through memory lane), Korea (slept in traditional house) and Spain (Catalan wedding) so not that much traveling. This year was mostly about working hard, living frugal, meeting family (sister had a son) and meeting friends.

Achieved almost all my new year resolutions, but this years list seems shorter than last, although i’m reloaded to finalise my ideas for the next.

Happy new year and I wish you the best for 2014!

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