in The Netherlands

Holiday in the Netherlands

During Chinese New years, Suna and I visited my parents in the Netherlands, a week packed with activities. It started with an early Finnair flight to the Netherlands right after Chinese new years in Shanghai (Can’t recommend to fly this day due to late night fireworks the previous day), we arrived Monday evening at my parents house in the middle of the Netherlands. The holiday started with a welcome home dinner with Cheese fondue and champagne. Of course we were still in Shanghai time so we slept early and woke up at 4AM Dutch time the next morning. Whilst all of us were up, we went for an early stroll with the dogs at sunrise.

Cheese fondue welcome dinner

Playing with the dogs in the yard

Day 1/4: For the day we planned a trip to the Hague. The trip to the Hague was to meet my friend, and coincidentally meet with a friend of Suna. The friend, and American living in the Netherlands for many years, gave us a great tour in the ‘binnenhof’ (senate of Netherlands). I also took a stroll to China town in the Hague and a walk around the Binnenhof. Afterwards we met with friends from school and we shared some memories over some drinks whilst playing a boardgame.

Joop and Suna at Binnenhof the Hague

Playing boardgame ‘koehandel’ (cow trading)






Day 2/4:This day was really special to me. I received a great prize and met a lot of people! We left early to Haarlem to meet up with former professors – Martin Haring and Alex van Heeswijk. They were kind enough to meet us in the city of Haarlem where we met with another former student, who brought a Belgium fashion franchise to the Netherlands. Next was a visit to my former bachelor university in Amsterdam, a creative breeding-place in the awesome Vijzelstraat ABN building in Amsterdam. I met with students who are planning to start a company in the coming half year, which was a exciting experience. Afterwards we left to AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) where I met professors that work closely to 3D and fashion. A great experience to see and understand how closely related the trends are regarding what universities are doing world wide in the virtual fashion sphere. Afterwards all of us left to the big event – the elevator pitches for the graduating students looking for money. Suna and I were invited for a dinner at dutch classical food restaurant 1984 with the the ACE team for entrepreneurship and it’s jury board, in which “serial entrepreneur” Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and investor Gabor Sommerhalder were part of. Afterwards we watched the pitches of graduating students, when they were finished I was asked on stage. It turned out that I receive an award from my university for entrepreneurial activities! Afterwards I enjoyed talking with students about their plans, I noticed a lot of then consider China part of their plans. Read more about that on – However the event was very interesting, we had to leave early to get back to my parents house before public transport closed down for the day.

With Martin, Alex and Marijke from in Haarlem

Visiting various locations in Amsterdam during the day








Day 3/4:The next day, Suna and I visited my primary school in the morning and bought ice skates in the afternoon for our upcoming trip to austria. In the evening we met with drinking buddies for a party in Utrecht. After a dinner, we started gambling at the casino and soon made our ways into the bars in the city. Like every dutch evening out we ended up eating streetfood, I really missed a ‘kroketje’ in the middle of the night. For the first time that week, we weren’t in a rush thanks to Joery whom’s house we could crash at.

Suna finally has real speed-skates now!

Dinner with friends

Day 4/4:After a slow morning, we met my parents for a trip to the icerink in Utrecht where Suna was able to skate her first kilometers. Afterwards we left to meet my sister for a walk in the in the forrest of Amerongen.

On our way to forrest it started raining and we saw a crazy vibrant full-bow rainbow

All the family together. Dad, Mom, Gijs, Mirrin Joop and Suna.

All and all, Suna and me had

All and all we spent a good two hours on the ice rink

a great holiday in Netherlands. A week packed with appointments but all very valuable. We are excited to jump in the car and leave for ice skating in Austria in the morning!