TIL Salmon Sushi Is Not From Japan?


Eirik Bjørn Olson played a central role in introducing the Japanese to Salmon. He saw a opportunity for the Norwegian Salmon export and started ‘Project Japan’, where he promoted all kinds of seafood to Japanese people. Initially, Japanese said the Japanese wouldn’t eat raw salmon. The Norwegians pushed for ten years and never expected it was going to be that big. Now you can eat Salmon Nigiri in every city.

Youtube – Is salmon nigiri sushi from norway?

Edit: A Japanese friend writes in:

In fact For long time Japanese didn’t eat row salmon because of parasitic
Seems we started to eat it recently like 40 years ago or so since we started to import salmon from Europe like Norway(safety one:)
Especially Tokyo, normally Salmon sushi is not included in traditional sushi menu list!
You can’t find salmon sushi in Sushi restaurant at Tsukiji fish market even now

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  1. eikichi

    Haha of course you can find salmon sushi in Tsukiji. I live close to there.

    Tsukiji is mostly about Tuna but there is a lot of salmon as well.

    One word for visitors: try to get a taste of urchin roe sushi (Uni).

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