[Solved] Moneyou the worst customer service I ever had


Update 25 aug 9AM: E-Mail from the product manager. They apologised: Tone tone-of-voice of their earlier mails do not fit their profile and will be evaluated, cases like mine will get higher priority in the future. My calling minutes will be compensated and I am still getting (some) interest over my aborted-savings. Happy!


Update 23 aug 21pm: Got an email reply (my first inline reply e-mail!) from Moneyou customer service that my account is manually closed. Eagerly checking if this is the case but it looks good!


Update 22 aug 21pm: Got a response from the productmanager of the ‘savings’ department! He mentioned both the CEO of Moneyou and Head of Channel Management at ABN AMRO took (internal) action to get this matter solved. Right now it seems that they escalated and will close my account by hand before the 24th of August. Looks good! MoneYou once this is over and satisfactory, I’m always open to give feedback if there is a retrospect!


Update 22 aug 8am: 3 days later, no sign from Moneyou yet.


I put some savings on a bank called Moneyou. If you are considering starting an account I wouldn’t recommend it.

TL;DR: They asked me to close my account, which I couldn’t, but they don’t do it for me. I want my money.

My horror story started in the middle of July. I moved to China so I updated the admin panel in the moneyou, it turned out to be a ‘honeypot’. They allowed me to enter my adres without any warning but I got the following email the next day:


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.46.09 AM

15 july: “Due to your moving abroad we’d like to ask you to cancel your savings account within 7 workdays. The reason is that we only service customers who are living in The Netherlands. A moving abroad means that the moneyou account has to be cancelled”

By just arriving in a new country and looking for a house, a message from your bank that you have to stop your account is just terrible timing, but their good right. So I logged into my panel and tried to stop my deposit. This didn’t work, and this started my horror story. I then had to explain my case 6+ times to different service employees. They all asked the same questions and came with the same solution, that I should try a different browser etc. When I finally got to the point that all things were tried, they told me to email a screenshot of my broken panel, so I thought we were making progress. Unfortunately, over the past six weeks I have send eight emails and never got any in-thread reply from them.

So I kept on calling. Keep explaining my problems, try to escalate. At one point I managed to talk to a manager and he asked if I wanted a coupon for an e-commerce site. This lack of customer perception is just stunning, I told him I want an written explanation of the problem and a due date to solve this, he did:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.56.07 AM

Roughly translated: “here is the confirmation on the 5th of august we received your email and we are updating you on the status. The processing takes more time, we ask your understanding and are aiming to solve your problem by 19th of august.”

I think it’s fair that I am past my patience at this point. We are one month further in the process which equals 20 working days of 8 hours. You tell me that in 160 hours, one couldn’t escalate this to a manager with the proper rights to close my account? The problem with Moneyou service desk is that I keep having to explain my problem from the beginning. If properly setup, I should get a name and conversations would progress.  I made the mistake of checking how long I have been calling with Moneyou:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.43.30 AM

So, it’s the 19th Moneyou. Where is my own money, Moneyou?! I have been on the phone with your ‘servicedesk’ for almost 2 hours already in four weeks and at this point, I just don’t think you can close my account Moneyou. Show me some service!

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