At work: Launched Duckworld


Really proud! After an adventurous development phase in cooperation with The Walt Disney Company, the Kids & Teens editorial team & marketing team has launched DuckWorld;

It was really fun (and special) to be able to cooperate directly with the editors of the Dutch Donald duck magazine on these titles. Even more fun to see the game featured on TV, the magazine etc and watching the traffic grow at the moment.

TV advertisement


Unity editor, from image mapping to object in a 3d world

Unity editor, from image mapping to object in a 3d world


Whilst I did see casual game development up close at Spilgames and 3D modelling at unitedstyles, I never experienced the creation of an actual 3d World up close. Wat I learned is that it takes a lot of expertise from a broad range of (hard working) experts to create such a game.

There is a game director who is in charge of the story, artwork creators and animators. Finally there are developers who create the game logic and movements and arrange the network and database stuff.



Product demo (scrum) with the dev team

We ran the process using Scrum, iterating the world until it was complete enough for release. We then started performance testing and optimizing the systems.  I’m happy that we worked scrum as the basic idea behind Duckworld evolved as well.

We developed the game in Unity3D; We used unity because of portability to other devices and operating systems. Right now we are available in desktop only.


Marketing has started, coverage in news, tv spots etc


Now we have launched, the game is appearing everywhere. On It’s great to see it on tv, read about it in newspapers and see activity on twitter. Looking forward to expanding the world soon; Readers of this blog get a 10% coupon for the month of September using the following code: joopin during checkout on

Youtube review by ‘Lord Hudson’:

Buying gochu (hot pepper) at a biologic farm

collage-2015-08-30 (1)
Typhoon Goni reached Japan, and I spent the rainy day outdoors!

Meet Mr. Shin, a biologic farmer based a short drive outside Daejeon city. A brief shopping visit turned into an marvelous tour and delicious lunch.

Driving through past the lakes, vast mountains and up the hairpin corners was quite a scenery change to the past few days. The last parts were too steep for our small Hyundai as we came to a stop and slide up the slippery road, so Mr. Shin came down with a four wheel quad to carry us further. He was excited to show us around;

Beside a vast amount of hot peppers, there were peaches, apples, acorn, sweet potatoes, cows, dogs and goats. The quick ‘shopping’ trip turned into an authentic lunch as his wife invited us for a warm meal. Mr. Shin is 50 and he bought the five acre land for about 400k euro in 2013 and has been land scraping, building ever since. Recently he actually started farming outside his office job and he hopes to retire and enjoy this hobby full time within in five years.

The happy couple are building something nice here, not a bad way to retire! We all enjoyed the food and left with a car full of peppers. Going to enjoy a (biologic) spicy year!

Korean Baseball is awesome (+ tv appearance)

watching the game

Baseball is insanely popular in Korea. We were fortunate enough to score some tickets for a particular exciting game in the season (the local Hanwha Eagles #6 vs. the Samsung Lions #1). For a Dutchy this was all new for me and I have to say that I really liked the game vibe, atmosphere and food*.

Suddenly we were approached for an interview right at the break of the fifth inning. I got a bit nervous when she mentioned it would be a live (but scripted) interview during break time.

So there we were, taken backstage and up to the reporter areas. The 30 second interview was about our family and asked why we came to Korea (obviously for this particular game), and what dutch people think about Korean baseball. Ofcourse we also did a little cheer for the local team. So I’m a proud father of a eight month old daughter who made an appearance on Korean tv!

After a bad start of the match Hanwa (#6 in competition) actually beat the #1 in the competition; The stadium exploded with cheer. We got a signed baseball too!

All and all: We had a great day!

cmb2 hanwha daejeon suna dorresteijn
*Koreans shout ‘FIGHTING!’ to cheer someone or a team on. In terms of food, Chimek is great at sports events; CHIcken and MEKchu (beer); Basically KFC style crispy chicken with hot sauce and a cold beverage, what a combo!

No more traffic jams


When we moved to the Netherlands, I lived in my hometown (center of the country) close to my family and work.

However, my job happened to move to the headquarters in the ‘big’ city. Fine, I thought, I’ll drive. However, I then spent the better part of my week (12%) driving to my office and back. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks did cure the pain a bit, but it was a time waster.

I’m happy that my wife agreed to move closer to our office and last weekend we made the move! Now I’m enjoying short travel times and no more stress about traffic jams, life is good!

Creating psychedelic art with deep dream

A few days ago, Google released a Python Notebook to let you play with their very recent work on visualization with neural networks, turning buildings into acid trips and landscapes into Magic Eye pictures. They published their code publicly for everyone to play with.

After I found a docker image I was able to play with the notebook. Holy cow! I put a picture of me with my daughter that transformed us to someones nightmare in a few minutes; eyes popped up everywhere and I started seeing people behind us. So I moved on to objects and buildings; here is a picture of my office. (clickable)



On the left you see the regular picture, next to that you can see the image which had a 7 time inception with the neural network which creates a lot of artifacts, just look what is haning on the roof; On the right an artists approach can be seen where a zoom is applied on the regular image.

After that I played with pictures of clouds and natural items; I found that the engine really goes wild with trees. Checkout this picture I took in Korea:


Ok that’s enough trippy pictures for one evening; If you are interested how it works, read at this google blogpost.




Quad racing and Hummer driving with Sanoma


Whilst planning the Sanoma tech* outing, I pitched canoeing as a nice outdoor activity. My idea was refuted as soon as we found actionplanet; Offering quad racing and landrover and hummer driving, followed with a nice barbeque! Needless to say, it was an amazing event and I think the entire crew had fun. Hope we can make this an annual event!

* all the developers of websites like,,, autotrader and yours truly with the Disney and tina titles!

In the DonaldDuck


Working at the Kids and Teens department is always interesting; The editors and the drawers of DonaldDuck get their jokes and inspiration from all sorts of places, even around the office. They ‘used’ me to make a character in an actual duck story; I’m a geeky guy who drives around a celebrity – how cool is that! If you want to read it, get a copy of the latest TrosKompas!

Mont Ventoux, je ne suis pas fou


If you wanted to watch the Tour de France in the 70s, you had it rough, it was a daily 20 min B&W summary filmed from a single angle. However, my dad did become an avid fan and took up cycling himself. Together with his friends they climbed the famous mountains like Alpe d’Huez, Col de la Madeleine and the steep Mont Ventoux themselves. Their sport bonded the group and they are cycling together to this day.

Moving on to may 2015, my dad was picking a cottage for our yearly family get-together, unsurprisingly he picked one at the foot of that very Mont Ventoux. Our whole family took the opportunity and enjoyed surprisingly good weather, French baguettes and French wine. Then my dad asked me if I wanted to join him up the mountain; I had to consider, I cycled up Col de Madelaine in 2004 but I am totally untrained at the moment. I agreed to a small ascend to halfway point as a first training.

We started off and I felt pretty great, the mood was good, lot’s of “bonjours”, waves and there was an American girl cheering us on and offering cold beverages, that was fantastic! With the 7~10% climb I was cranking energy fast but all was good… until a man dressed like Lance Armstrong rode by and called me to my place “hey, c’est la folie, you are crazy” and carried on*.  I yelled something back – too little too late – but actually found a renewed strength; “I’ll show him!” After a good hour we left the forest and we could see the moon-like summit. Breathtaking.

At halfway point I told my dad I wanted to keep on going, as the weather was exceptionally cold that day. But actually, being there with my dad really kept my nose to the grindstone and I didn’t want to let him down. Then I hit my limit. Closer to the top, I got into trouble but I made it! Thanks to my dad staying by my side and motivating me. A lovely Dutch woman with a SLR camera snapped my last meters, seen in the shot above.

At the top, we cheered, took some photos and had a cold drink. Then we turned around and breezing off the mountain, I was carrying such a big smile that I felt embarrassed for the people still climbing but I couldn’t stop. It was an absolutely perfect day.

*note: I did carry a helmet but only wore it during the descent; it was a remark regarding my endurance or my bike. Also; Generally French people are nice!

Real life Nintendo duckhunt

My uncles treated us on Skeet shooting in the far south of the Netherlands today. At the Eric Swinkels track. Having never shot anything in my life, this was a new experience. A loud bang and some feedback from the shotgun. Not sure if I will do it again but it was an interesting experience!

At Sanoma Kids & Teens; a Scrum update


I made a move within Sanoma from Comparison to the ‘Kids & Teens‘ cluster at the start of the year, and am surrounded with Disney characters ever since! This cluster has a solid foundation, based on traditional publishing since 1951. (the year the first donalduck magazine was published), and is expanding through digital business models currently.

Finishing a title called ‘’ (more on this in a month or so), a touch typing course at (Polish version coming soon!) and maintain various content and e-commerce sites like, and

We setup a development team working scrum at the start of the year. Three months in, to raise awareness throughout the cluster, we’ve organized a day-long scrum training with Zilverline yesterday. We started with a basic explanation about Agile and Scrum and zilverline introduced a number of fun activities to get the message across. According to at least a few participants, the day was a success. I can recommend Zilverline highly!

Not only did we explain scrum in practice, we found new energy to improve our working processes further. I heard that the New York Times is already create their newspapers with Scrum, I’m curious what we can do for the cluster in the coming time!