At the dentist


My teeth are okay! I always get motivated and take time to brush perfectly in pre-appointment days.

Now I think of it: In Korea, constant kim-chi consumption also helped me remember to brush, carring toothbrushes to the office etc.

The bare difference in China (with food less liable to stick between teeth) I just brush the bare minimum. To keep me motivated, I might have to start eating smelly tofu or something ;)

Spring time in Shanghai

With a forecast of five consecutive days above 10˚C, the spring officially started in Shanghai. After months of boring weather it’s great to sit out in the sun again. The weather in Shanghai is crisp and with 12 degrees it’s finally comfortable on a terrace. Today we decided to eat lunch at the New heights restaurant on the Bund side to celebrate the birthday of our Japanese college Chieko and enjoy the sun for a bit. New heights has a great view on both Pudong and Puxi. I’m not really sure about the kitchen (I ate a simple hamburger), but the service was great. I really feel the new season started today, time for some spring cleaning!

Köttbullar in Shanghai

imageWhile I was studying in Sweden, I made a Chinese friend in my year. He studied logistics and implicitly wanted to work at Ikea. So he did: now, two years later he is a manager in the Shanghai branch, combining his language and culture experience with his market knowledge.


I was hoping to meet him today, but frankly we came for one reason only: Swedish food. Especially Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs), Kanelbullar (cinnamon Buns) and godis (candy). Funny how cheap IKEA food can be such an attraction.