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Pictures of 2009 Shanghai marathon

runnersIn early August, Marc van der Chijs threw up a ball whether we wanted to run a half marathon in November. Shortly, a big delegation from Spilgames signed up and started exercising. Today was the day – now the Shanghai marathon is over, I’m looking back to a great event. Besides my father Johan participating, also Peter Driessen came over from the Netherlands. Remarkable to me is my girlfriend Suna running her first half marathon in a remarkable time. I’ve completed the marathon a few minutes faster then the one I ran in South Korea half a year ago. On the picture you see left top to right Richard Yu, me, Peter Driessen, Marc van der Chijs, Eva Lai, Suna, Johan, Chieko Suga and Lucy Zhao. Running a marathon in Shanghai is awesome, besides the skyscrapers is stunning, but the people are just so thrilled and supportive, it’s great! I haven’t seen that in Amsterdam or Korea – Lines of grannies with drums were waving brought a smile on my face and gave me energy to keep going. Also, most of the employees of Spil Group Asia came over to support. Checkout the group of colleagues that were waiting at the start and later the finish!