in Republic of Korea

Retro futurism: Taejeon ’93 expo 

Not sure if you have visited Daejeon, South Korea before, but when you come from the highway you are welcomed by a huge expo park before entering the city. After driving by for almost a decade, we made a stop, I never had a look up close. My in-laws were surprised that we could have a look of the remainders up close. The ’93 Expo (Deajeon was still called Taejeon) -대전 엑스포 was perhaps one of the last exhibitions of wonder. What I mean by that is based on our visit to the 2010 Shanghai expo which was cool, but did not showcase anything new besides architecture. At the time we concluded that the internet ruined expo’s forever. That’s why I like the photo’s above. Most photos above are from the internet or taken at the museum. Still today in Daejeon you can see how important the expo was for the city considering it’s location and to many business or complexes still referring the 25 years ago event. The Expo was about showcasing technology from the ‘future’ like maglev trains, robots and 4d cinema’s. (Little about phones tv considering Korea becoming a powerhouse in both) – It was a time everything seemed possible because of the unlimited possibilities of technology. I like that retro-futurism of those days. Today, realism sent in and the park is slowly replaced with new apartments, the park is probably gone soon. If you happen to get out there, the attached museum for Expo’s is certainly worth while as well. Talking about showcasing novel technology, here was a showcase from around the world’s expo’s. How about a vacuum machine from 1915, a wooden cloth hanger (’33), or a plastic toothbrush? (’33) Surprising how seemingly mundane objects to us now where objects of wonder one day. Needles to say us ’90s kids had fun.