in The Netherlands

Self-isolation day: 40

An update during the worldwide Covid-19 crisis. The Dutch government announced the ‘intelligent lock down’ 24 days ago, we have practiced ‘self-isolation’ for about 40 days now. (Except for one office visit in the first week). Trains are empty these days.

My work is now remote and I’ve set up an office, borrowing a screen from my employer. I’m traveling less, and video-call more, so far I haven’t found an impact on my productivity. Regarding the social aspect, I’m doing ‘virtual informal coffee chats’, but it’s not the same. However, I’m happy I can actually work and that so far things have been progressing smoothly. It helps that my wife can look after the kids during office hours.

Regarding food, we are only eating and preparing food at home. I’m doing groceries (wearing a mask) for us and my parents once per week. 40 days in, due to the COVID-19, I spent more time reading Twitter, and we started watching the news on TV again (France24, Dutch NOS and Korean). A few weeks in, we limit media consumption to digests (and the fud/stress that comes with it) again.

We miss ‘normal’ life and the days seems to blend. To combat this, we have some fun weeklies activities like:

  • Watching an episode of Mandalorian each week on Fridays. Etc.
  • Watching the Trevor Noah’s daily ‘stay at home’ show, and other great YouTube channels that came up during this time.
  • Doing groceries on Thursdays. (Surprising this can be an ‘event’ now)

We practice an hourly schedule for the kids during the week. They miss going to school and swimming. Our house has a back garden, so at least they can play there. Up side: I spend quite some time with the family now.

Time to time we also cycle and after lunch take a walk through the neighborhood, or at the lake close to our house.

I hope everybody is staying home, limit (shop) visits and is wearing masks when going out.
Over the world, many are living the same as we are right now, but some are living entirely different lives. My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones, and the many people who work hard without rest during this crisis. I’m curious how the world will be when we get out of this.