in People's Republic of China

Spilgames outing 2010, Moganshan and Nanxun

I’ve spend last night at Mount Mogan 莫干山, the destination of the Spilgames spring outing, is about 250km south-west of Shanghai, close to Hangzhou. Build by missionaries in the early 1900s as a retreat from the Shanghai heat. These days Moganshan is experiencing a true revamp in tourism, particularly contributed by Mark Kitto’s permanent establishment there. After a early bus ride from Shanghai we arrived around noon. Whilst it was a misty day, the calm river streams and the bamboo forest were a great place to be. Some pictures. That night, there were presentations from the Chinese and Dutch management team in a huge room. It was so well organized, I felt like I was at a conference. The next day the weather cleared up and we packed to drive back to Shanghai. The drive back to Shanghai was quite a long run, I was happy we made a stop at Nanxun. The town is quite well preserved and not as crowded with tourist as most water towns around Shanghai.