Beer in China

imageChina has been brewing beer-like drinks for over 9000 years, usually made with rice, honey and grapejuice, but the alcoholic beverage lost popularity during the Han dynasty. It were the Russians that made beer popular again, when they setup a brewery in the country during the 19th century.

Today there is a big variety of Chinese, European, Japanese, American and Singaporean beer available everywhere. Whilst draft beers, lagers and pilseners are common, a recent trip to Qiandaohu with Marc van der Chijs proved that there are still rice based beers for sale here and there. (we knew it was beer, but it tasted odd, a quick peek at the ingredients learned us that is was a rice based beer)
Beer is cheap in China, for a Tsingtao (most popular) one pays about 40 euro cents, a Heineken goes for 70 euro cents. For someone living in Sweden before, I was surprised by the price.

As for the picture; We wanted to buy some beers and dvd’s on Friday night at a convenience store, we grabbed a can but found the beers were warm! We looked closer and the fridge was actually above room temperature. In China, it’s not uncommon to drink beer at room temperature in a restaurant, but 25 degrees C is just overdoing it.