Greetings from France!

I arrived in Castellane France. I couldn’t resist to publish this picture of my desert yesterday. I learned a few things in France:

  • When the camping has WIFI, it’s hard to resist ^^
  • Badminton battles in the pool often end up in badminton parties.
  • You don’t need a villa to have a good time in the sun, a tent is also okay

For now my schedule is simple: Reading a book, talking with the market sales men, watching the tour, cycling, eating and swimming from time to time. I realized that new years is bad for making resolutions, as I never put any thought in them during the holiday seasons, everybody is just too busy! Instead, I realized that the holiday is the perfect time to make personal concessions. one of them (the least philisophical and corky) is that I want to blog more, here and at Have a great summer everybody!