It’s good to take pictures!

So, it takes about 20 years for me to forget a sight, as it seems. Displayed below is a old and a new holiday picture, taken in the south of France. The first picture is around 1990, second one almost 20 years later. The chap in blue is me, the handsome girl in the right is my sister Mirrin.

What is particularly interesting is that none of my family members were sure that we have seen the castle before. We all knew about a previous holiday seeing a similar castle, but it didn’t quite look like this. Coming back home, I was sure that I have seen this castle before, but couldn’t prove it. For some reason, I found it necessary to go through my pictures -what are weekend for anyway- and look for it. It turned out that we did see the castle before, but that it just looks a lot better then it did 20 years ago. The trees have grown taller, the roof was repaired and the walls have been painted, but the location is exactly the same, astounding how the memory can boggle us some times, it’s good to take pictures!

Greetings from France!

I arrived in Castellane France. I couldn’t resist to publish this picture of my desert yesterday. I learned a few things in France:

  • When the camping has WIFI, it’s hard to resist ^^
  • Badminton battles in the pool often end up in badminton parties.
  • You don’t need a villa to have a good time in the sun, a tent is also okay

For now my schedule is simple: Reading a book, talking with the market sales men, watching the tour, cycling, eating and swimming from time to time. I realized that new years is bad for making resolutions, as I never put any thought in them during the holiday seasons, everybody is just too busy! Instead, I realized that the holiday is the perfect time to make personal concessions. one of them (the least philisophical and corky) is that I want to blog more, here and at Have a great summer everybody!