Holiday in Jeju

Woman done fishing for today – Traditional Korean seafood soup is enhanced by distinctive shellfish harvested by the famous woman divers of Jeju Island. An age-old tradition, the fisher-woman of Jeju spend long hours in the waters surrounding the island relentlessly diving again and again, collecting the unique sea snails, shell fish and abalone in the bountiful waters of Jeju.

Jeju women relaxing in the sun – While looking around a small town, we had a chat with these women. They seemed to have a good laugh on their old day. Perhaps the country life isn’t so bad in Jeju?

Palm trees – Jeju has many faces, while we were taking pictures of these palmtrees at a warm evening, we climbed vulcano Hallasan the next day. The path to the top was often covered with ice, what a contradiction!

Hiking down the coastline – Many friends recommended us to hire a car or scooter on Jeju island. If you go there, I’d recommend you to go backpacking instead. Granted, it might sound clumsy and difficult, but it’s quite an experience! This picture was taking halfway a 15km hike over the vulcanic rocks of Jeju beach. There were episodes of climbing, a beautiful scenery here and there, delicious food at restaurants and more well received surprises. Jeju is a nice place to take some time to walk around!

Cheonjiyeon waterfall – This waterfalls are located in the subtropical heart of Jeju. Best enjoyed with some juicy fruit you never seen before!