When your name is announced at the Airport

Imagine sitting at the gate, waiting for your plane from Amsterdam to Shanghai to arrive and you hear your name announced over the speakers. This happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday I took the train to the airport of Amsterdam, and checked in like normal, passed security check and ordered some fruits. When I found a place to sit, I started to work on my laptop. After some time, I suddenly heard my name over the sounds of my earbuds. I took them out and heard my name being broadcasted throughout the terminal… I was shocked! The first thought I had was: “This never happened to me before”, then “Maybe something is wrong with my ticket!”… I quickly packed my laptop and made my way to the service desk. When I arrived – breathing heavily – I immediately enquired what the problem was, the lady behind the counter told me that someone called Zuidgeest (name of friend of mine) claimed to have my keys in his possession, she reached the phone to me and told me that he was on the other side of the line. “These guys can’t have my keys, I haven’t seen them yesterday!” I paused for a second and realized that this friend couldn’t have my keys, apparently they were willing to lie to get in touch with me… so I played along, intrigued with their act. The lady behind the counter that handed me the phone was very supportive and felt intensely for me. She warned that my plane would leave soon, but that when I hurried, I might have enough time to see them and then pass security again. For a black Saturday Schiphol was as quiet as a library, and I decided to go out and buy my friends a beer. We laughed, they like to play a practical joke every once and a while, but I didn’t see this joke coming. Touche my friends, touche..