Spilgames New Year party

The crew of Spilgames is growing fast, this party, we had eight round tables full with people. The dinner was accompanied with speeches from management and our Sales assistant and Sound architect being masters of ceremony. There were lot’s of fun games during the dinner, for instance, I had to play a scene from a movie together with the sales director. After the dinner, we went over to the Karaoke bar where I sang a Chinese song 月亮代表我的心 together with the CFO – for the first time. I had been practicing a bit over the week to fine tune my Chinese. All and all a great party. Happy Chinese New Year to everybody, 新年快乐

Gamers in Qiandaohu – Spilgames outing at 1000 islands

P1000805Last week, the entire Spilgames Asia team assembled on a Thursday morning 7 AM in front of our office. The Chinese, Polish, American, Korean and Dutch colleagues got up early for good reason; Spilgames organized a company outing to Qiandaohu – favorite holiday destination for many Shanghainese – by bus, so we had to leave early to avoid Shanghai traffic. Upon arrival, the tone of the weekend was set: we hiked up a mountain as a group. At first I wanted to race to the top but I realized that this was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow Chinese colleagues. The scenery was beautiful, almost magical with a thick fog floating over the typical Chinese mountaintops. The highlight was the end of the road, heavingly lake and then a beautiful waterfall, something our CEO, Marc van der Chijs found irresistible – when I met him after his climb, he was soaking wet from the water! After the climb, went downstream a river rafting, and then we had a very nice dinner.
That evening we decided to go to the most exquisite – and only – discotheque in town with 3 euro all-you-can-drink service. The spirit was good, and the music was so loud that we ended up looking at the crowd. I noticed that the (mostly male) crowd seemed to be very hot, as they all took off their shirts… then I noticed a little while later, thay they seemed to be irritated by the loud music as well, as they clearly had difficulty hearing each other; oh no… wait… are they making out? That was quite a surprise to see! Anyway, the night ended up eating chicken at the local KFC; naturally. The next day – after a Chinese breakfast and a coffee in the morning – it was finally time to see the artificial lake, the “land of 1000 islands” – a place I have visited before, ten years ago. This was the first time that I had a clear point of reference of China’s development. The landscape was the same, but the (real estate) development blew me away! Think: Mass tourist facilitation, muddy roads replaced by highways, shops bars … but a beer still costs only a euro. All and all, it was a great time out with the company!

Note to self:

  • When going outside Shanghai, bring your own coffee (or donuts for that matter) for breakfast
  • It pays off to sit in the front of the bus, as the back is hotter and more vibrant
  • Snake shows with teethless snakes are boring, but (teeth less, duh) ostridges are always fun!
  • Western people are barbarians as it comes to drinking beer in public, as opposed to Chinese