The wedding party in Mariënwaard

Today we celebrated our wedding with Suna’s Korean direct family, my family and good friends. The party was held in Mariënwaard, the Netherlands.

Beautiful day, wedding white outside!

The party was kicked off by Martin Haring who did his world famous Freddy Mercury impression. The crowd went wild, ‘this thing called love’ has gotten a special meaning to us.

At around four o’clock, the band started playing. My dad hired only one harmonica player at the local supermarket but the musician got all his friends to play as well, they came from all over the country and rocked the day for us!

The Bulgarian band

The white snowy weather was great to see… some people couldn’t join but had good reasons because it was very dangerous outside. My family side arrived from both my mothers and fathers side but some friends got into car trouble because of the snow. Thankfully, everybody arrived safely. Some, like Wesley and Arie I didn’t see for almost 8 years! Also some friends and colleagues arrived, Jacco Bouw and Marta were there. My old friend Jing Jing (The one who took me to China in ’99) was there with his mom and sister.

My uncle Adriaan did a speech and a song. It’s great to see all the family together with my friends and see the fusion of people meeting. Too many to mention, incredible! Later, my dad announced that both my mom’s and dad’s family came together and all chipped in to buy us a ticket to Kenia. KENIA! Suna has a special relationship with the country since she went to school there and now she finally can show me. We were very touched and perplex.





Friends from France and Sweden, Taiwan and China did speeches in their native language. I felt the world is so small and I was touched people came from all over to celebrate this party with us. Looking back at our party, people dancing with the great music, I feel we are really married. We’re very happy! A party like this will get us though tough times in the future. I want to thank everybody for coming, I’m sure I forgot to mention some but we really appreciate all of you being there. Terrific!

wearing Korean clothes

My father in law dancing with my wife




My Bachelor party

As you could have read, I had my wedding ceremony in Korea on the 16th of October. However, tomorrow I am getting married in Netherlands. My friends (last time they fooled me at the airport) decided to throw a bachelor party. I expected we go party in the city but it was something completely else. Actually, in the last 48 hours I have been to bars and clubs in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milan. I had no wallet on me, phone or any money the entire time. I had the greatest bachelor party anyone could have. Any party ever for that matter.

Joery, Mathijs, Johannes, Me, Michiel, Ben, Bart

Thursday: My friend Joery came and pick me up at my house, I was told to leave my belongings at home, we were going to see his new house and went to Amsterdam for lunch with Bart, Michiel and Johannes. I guessed we’d drink something in the bar in the evening. Suddenly they showed me my own suitcase. Threw me off guard.

Also did some tourist stuff, with a hangover :-)

I concluded that I would spend the night in the city, well ok. Later I found out my wife packed it for me and my friend Joery picked it up at my own house on Wednesday. I didn’t have time to realize what was happening with the suitcase because we left straight to the central station. We took a train south and got out at the airport. (?) I was told we were waiting for my 5th friend Mathijs who lives far south of Netherlands. Then I had the shock of a lifetime, giving me a flight ticket to barcelona! Actually, it wasn’t possible for me to go because I didn’t have my passport on me, but it turned out they also managed to get that as well. How in the world? Went through customs and sat in the plane. I was still completely shocked and said to myself: we’re going to Barcelona!! They told me they picked Barcelona because I lived there in 2006, besides it’s the best city in Europe to party. We met up with my friend Ben who lives there and partied in various bars (chupito shot bar) and clubs (for one, Catwalk) until the next day. Little censorship here would be in it’s place but I behaved, we ended up getting at the hotel at 6am ;-)

Went to countless clubs, this is the last one we visited in Milan, \’Loolapalooza\’ Incredible atmosphere every-time we go here!

Friday Waking up in Barcelona, we went out and after some coffee and sightseeing we left to the airport to return home to Amsterdam, we made plans for the rest of the evening (maybe watch a movie?) and waited at the Barcelona hub. Little did I know that my friends actually didn’t buy a ticket to Amsterdam but to Milan – even managed to get customs to let me in with a 3rd party holding my ticket – and wanted me to find out for myself. You can imagine, when I realized my jaw fell on the floor. So five hours later I was on the dancefloor again, but now in good old Milan! They really intended to do a trip down memory lane. Milan is a crazy place to party, we went straight to the club and again continued until the next morning.

Shots at Chipola in Barcelona

Saturday When we woke up, we had to go to the airport. I checked the plane ticket and saw we were going to Amsterdam. :-) We had to hurry because even though the schedule was good, the day before we found that our plane was cancelled due to the weather and we had to change the flight. Now I am home and going to have my wedding reception in the morning. Friends and family have came from far to be here and we had a nice dinner. However, my mind is still with my bachelor party. idea to leave your house thinking you will sleep at home and to end up in a foreign city without anything on you is amazing. But to think that my friends went through so much trouble of taking days of work, planning, costs and executing their plans so full of passion and perfection is incredible. They are truly unique friends and went through so much, I look back and realize I am getting married but with such a bachelor… I’m ready to marry!