Working at Meganova, because sitting at home is a bitch

“Finally a holiday!” I yelled earlier, but soon I found out that sitting at home was not as good as I imagined in the first place, don’t get me wrong, I have enough work but I realized that I felt tired all day long and couldn’t get any work out of my hands; do you know that feeling? I decided to get back in the office, simply to regain business rhythm and to meet new people while I am here.

The first thing that came to mind was a business incubator located in Amsterdam called Meganova. Meganova hosts a annual web-conference called ‘Thenextweb’ and operates a weblog with the same name. I visited the office before, and they seem very entrepreneurial people. This attitude is quite simulair to what we did at opencoffee Sweden. Good! I felt lucky on my birthday last week, and send them an email. I got an excited response back, and am currently working at the headquarters as co-editor for their weblog.

I aspire to start a company but I think that being around some people that speak the same (web) language, and hearing the successful and unsuccessful stories that they cope with is a valuable experience for that matter. I might be able to pitch an idea at the same time.
Although my time in Korea will start very soon, I realize that the coming few weeks will be full of surprises, and I am happy that I have some time to enjoy it and being back in Amsterdam also feels good. Sitting at home is a bitch, so I am back at the office!

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