in The Netherlands

Takes three weeks to get Internet but good to be back!

With the typhoon behind us we left China for Holland. Before we could move into our final destination we stayed with my parents for a few days. Ofcourse it’s also immigrating back; Living in the Netherlands is different than China; Holland is more organized/formal we have to get used to that! We have a few stories but one of the first realizations came to me when I applied for Internet: The largest ISP’s in the Netherlands say they can deliver my modem in 3 weeks! Apparently, there is added time to change your mind about your purchase… Even though the Internet in China has it’s perks at least China Telecom could come the same day that you call! This is just one event which is easy to overcome; but things do go more formal around here. Writing and posting letters and making appointments. It’s no problem, we just start planning ahead and we will do adapt in the other things as well! I won’t compare Holland to China too much, I’m not annoyed but it’s a clear difference! Last week, we focused on moving to our new house, but had time for some activities too! The after-summers in my hometown haven’t changed much; Everybody seems happy with the warm days and they enjoy their time outside. The day we arrived there was some rain, we even saw a rainbow while walking my parents dogs. In the evening we were treated for a French dinner at Os and Paard (Ox and Horse) with the entire family. During the weekend the temperature rose, we even had a barbecue. We even visited a festival and enjoyed a metal performance from a band called Bush. I found time to do some running as well, it’s nice to run in these neighborhoods. Just last Sunday, we found a completely deserted beach along the Waal river. We enjoyed a picknick and took a dive with the dogs swimming along. The coming days we will be focusing on organizing and getting back to a rhythm.