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The four girl mountain (四姑娘山)

I visited the four sister mountains, 220 km west of Chengdu. Taking the earliest bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子汽车站). The conventional long distance bus from Chengdu to Xiaojin offers some amazing sceneries.

The bus goes to the mining town of Xiaojin, I asked the driver to drop me off at Shuangqiao Valley (双桥沟), which is about five kilometer from the town of Rilong (日隆镇) where I was going to spend the night. As I never visited this place before, I planned it out on the mercy of blog posts of other travelers and crossing fingers. Shuangqiao Valley (双桥沟) is a bit more touristy and with a road, so I knew i could easily get back. I wanted to play it safe and not ascend a mountain as it was already early afternoon. After drop off I looked around and there was no one around me. And quiet. The park was open, just not busy. Entrance was 120 CNY, with small tour buses departing every twenty minutes. It’s basically a 30km long road with a walking platform here and there. As it was offseason, the walking paths were snowed under and under construction. At one point I was crossing the water to find the bridge was gone, so I had to go back a bit.




The four girl mountain (四姑娘山) at an elevation of 6,250 m is the second highest in Sichuan. From this Shuangqiao Valley, you can see them well, but also Mount Abi 5,694 m, Seerdengpu 5592m, and the eagle crag at 5300 m.

The bus dropped us of at the furthest point and we walked around for a bit. There was a friendly group from Chengdu and we kept bumping into each other. As we walked in a group, we took the bus, which was driving back to the starting point, but now stopping at four other points of interest. After the second stop, although having fun, I realized the bus tour was going a bit fast for me as it was still relatively early, so I decided to alight and walk back up instead.


In retrospect, that was a good call. I enjoyed many sceneries at my own pace. I walked until it started snowing and getting dark. I had to wave a bus down to get to Rilong (日隆镇), a town at an elevation of 3,160m, on the way I found decent hotel online, walked in and bumped into that same group from early afternoon again. Small world! We had dinner and beers together before calling it a night. They were indeed planning to ascend a mountain the next day.

The hotel room didn’t had heating so it was a hot shower and straight to bed for me. Outside, it kept on snowing and I listened to the crackling fire on the sidewalk. Zzzz At dawn, I took the courtesy to check myself out and unlock the front door, it had snowed overnight and it was a beautiful but slippery slope to town.

The bus was something I worried about as the town doesn’t have a bus stop, fortunately, a store owner making a quick 10 CNY called and confirmed the bus was on time, and stopped as expected. I felt at ease and could enjoy the winter wonder land. For a weekend trip it was a bit rushed. I would have liked to stay a bit longer and explore the other valleys. I would recommend staying at least two nights, also to get acclimated a bit.

Side note: The tallest is Mount Gongga (贡嘎山). which I visited last year. I have to say that due to the many more magnificent views by the four girl mountains, I would recommend a visit to the four girl mountain (四姑娘山)