in The Netherlands

The wedding party in Mariënwaard

Today we celebrated our wedding with Suna’s Korean direct family, my family and good friends. The party was held in Mariënwaard, the Netherlands.

Beautiful day, wedding white outside!

The party was kicked off by Martin Haring who did his world famous Freddy Mercury impression. The crowd went wild, ‘this thing called love’ has gotten a special meaning to us.

At around four o’clock, the band started playing. My dad hired only one harmonica player at the local supermarket but the musician got all his friends to play as well, they came from all over the country and rocked the day for us!

The Bulgarian band

The white snowy weather was great to see… some people couldn’t join but had good reasons because it was very dangerous outside. My family side arrived from both my mothers and fathers side but some friends got into car trouble because of the snow. Thankfully, everybody arrived safely. Some, like Wesley and Arie I didn’t see for almost 8 years! Also some friends and colleagues arrived, Jacco Bouw and Marta were there. My old friend Jing Jing (The one who took me to China in ’99) was there with his mom and sister.

My uncle Adriaan did a speech and a song. It’s great to see all the family together with my friends and see the fusion of people meeting. Too many to mention, incredible! Later, my dad announced that both my mom’s and dad’s family came together and all chipped in to buy us a ticket to Kenia. KENIA! Suna has a special relationship with the country since she went to school there and now she finally can show me. We were very touched and perplex.





Friends from France and Sweden, Taiwan and China did speeches in their native language. I felt the world is so small and I was touched people came from all over to celebrate this party with us. Looking back at our party, people dancing with the great music, I feel we are really married. We’re very happy! A party like this will get us though tough times in the future. I want to thank everybody for coming, I’m sure I forgot to mention some but we really appreciate all of you being there. Terrific!

wearing Korean clothes

My father in law dancing with my wife