Three big learnings for 2015



Another year has past; Mia became one year old, we moved to a different place and my third year at Sanoma (Finnish company) was a turbulent one. Turbulent because top management changed, collegues leaving/let go on all sides as the SAA1V:FH stock is declining for five years now. Even-tough the worries, I was privileged to do (and finish!) three exciting new titles; of which a 3D game (PC), build and launched a fashion site, and build the new (To be released in Q1 2016). So yeah, I am playing games and reading comics at work, that still doesn’t get old!

Before packing up to celebrate the release and the start of a new year with family, I wanted to wish you all the best for the new year! Three large learning I gained in the past year:

1/3: Scrum isn’t everything – Which is cursing, because I am a ‘certified scrum master’; At the start of the year I took scrum literally as you can see at this (overly?) enthusiastic post. Introduced Scrum at the company but over time learned (forced, really as our PO left the building) to be flexible and focus on the end-result instead. I also feel scrum is turning to project manager jargon, as developers are sometimes forgotten to be included in the decisions. 2016 will be all about ‘lean’ development for our department, hope to get some new views on the matter.

2/3: Ditch the car – For sure the best idea I had this year was trading my lease-car for a bicycle as I started feeling silly sitting in trafficjams. Cycling 4k a year now and as a added plus enjoying daily outdoor time (lucky with the weather also). I also cycled up Mont Ventoux in France. The reasoning, no car is more money and less time in car = more spent with family. I get to have daily playtime with my daughter Mia and enjoying lovely prepared (Paleo/Korean) meals together with my wife.

3/3: Take a digital diet I left Facebook for a week in 2013 and I liked it. In 2015 I took privacy and software liberty a step further. Learn more about crypto, (like putting this blog to HTTPS, serious password management) moved the household to open-source. (Debian over Mac OSX, in general: free over proprietary) Digital diet as social experiment, no more Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp; Upside: more time ‘in the now’ and with family; downside: Slowly losing contact with those friends at the other side of the globe. Do keep in touch,  for now contact me at and XMPP, considering the downside, liberty excites me.

Summer 2015

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So that’s it; No resolutions or whats so ever, just excited for the next year! Wish you best of health and luck in the new year and do keep in touch over mail!

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