Flying to asia during the Olympics


Flying to South Korea is expensive during the Olympics in Beijing. My friend from Beijing told me that the prices are dramatically increased for every Asian country for that matter. In search of a solution, I asked businessmen/women from different nationalities where they fly with, after receiving some tips from Marc van der Chijs I found that Finnair introduces a direct line to Seoul that would be cheapest. Finnair launches their new line with a commercial, with soul music on the background. Quite funny!

If you have tips for flying cheap to Asia, please leave a comment here.

5 thoughts on “Flying to asia during the Olympics

  1. The only cheap option is to avoid Beijing during the Olympic games! :) It is not just the flights that are expensive, it’s accommodation, food, souvenirs – everything. The prices have skyrocketed already.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Beijing lover and will be there again this summer, just not during those crazy weeks.

  2. Well, if they don’t raise prices during that period when should they do? ;p You want profit! Asian’s are cheap but is there only opportunity to gain more!
    I’ve heard that there Olympic products are not sold outside Beijing.. is that true? I think is not possible though!

  3. Thanks Aku, I guess you are right; I just checked the flight from yesterday, which was topped by 75 dollar over night.
    Have fun in Beijing!

    Marinos, what do you mean with Olympic products?

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