Two podcast recommendations: China History & Dan Carlin


Two US made history podcasts in this recommendation. I wish that I had teachers like Dan Carlin and Laszlo Montgomery in my history classes as a teenager but listening to them while commuting makes up a lot.

China History Podcast

From time to time I stumble upon a podcast that I get really excited about. This is one of them, when Kaiser Kuo mentioned Laszlo in the Sinica podcast. Kaiser explained that Laszlo learned Chinese at a young age and lived and worked in various places around Asia over the years. The China history podcast moves forward over 4000 years of history in the middle kingdom. From the invention of gunpowder to the opium wars and Li ka shing. So start at episode 1! Wish I listened to this before reading the three kingdoms.


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore history & common sense

Dan Carlin is a historian and produces two podcasts, one about history called ‘hardcore history’ and one about current affairs called ‘common sense’. It was recommended by a friend and I didn’t like the podcast at first. The first episode I listened to was about catholicism in Germany and was a much longer listen I was used to. However, The topics are so diverse and Dan’s tinfoil-hat way of looking at our world surely took me to new insights in our present world. Give them a try!


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