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Valkenburg Christmas With Suna

With the holiday season around the corner here in The Netherlands, business and meetings are slowing down. Suna and I drove to the city of Valkenburg in an impulsive mood. The city of Valkenburg is a small touristic town in the hills close to the Belgium border, famous for it’s christmas parade and market. At first we visited the christmas market, which took place in a cave. The market was quite huge but didn’t really have much interesting items to sell, mostly just merchants selling belts, sweaters and other non christmas related products. After the market we enjoyed a meal in the city center. The meal offered us some time to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and reflect a bit. Afterwards we went out to see the parade. The parade almost didn’t happen this year as last March there was a huge fire burning all the preparations. Standing on the curb, looking at the locals showing all their efforts we thought it was so nice to see a town community join in to make something happen in these dark Dutch days.